A New Career Path

Posted on by RPF2015

I met Bruce Levenson about seven years ago at an NBA tournament. My brother and I had bought special passes to meet the team after the game and we had at least an hour along with Bruce and the players to basically discuss anything under the sun. Of course the biggest topic being basketball. When you think about meeting people like Bruce, your first initial thought is that they are going to seem uptight or crude in some ways; not the case at all with him. He was extremely friendly, respectful and open to any type of conversation we wanted to have with him.

What made this whole meet and greet scenario so amazing for me was the fact that all of them were exactly like I was. Just because they earn a high income and travel all over the world, they do not pertain themselves to be anything but a normal, everyday human being. To me it was shocking because honestly, if it was me making that much money, I would probably act a little bit more cocky than I do now. Not because I was rich, but because I would be actually be doing something great in life; something I was proud of.

After meeting Bruce and the team I felt like I had a completely different outlook on life itself. If they can all have a great career and earn a high income like that, then why can’t I? It is obviously a job that takes a lot of work and motivation, but I honestly think I would be a great candidate for the position. I actually went right home after the game and did some research of how I could basically become a manager of anything. What I found out is that if I enroll in college for business management or anything in that area of schooling, then I could go in whatever direction I want when it comes to being a manager. I could apply to hospitals, teams, large cooperations and so many more areas. My limits would be endless in the career world. If it wasn’t for Bruce, I would never had started researching a new career path for myself.