The Influence of Bruce Levenson

Posted on by RPF2015


Bruce Levenson is one of the most influential people in the Atlanta area. Bruce Levenson is a great example of how much one person can affect a city for the good. There are many aspects of his life that people wanting to be successful should model. In the early stages of his life, he knew that he wanted to be successful in whatever he did. Although he was great in the business world, he wanted to be even better as an NBA owner. Here are several things that anyone can learn from the life of Bruce Levenson in influencing others.

Never Settle

In the early part of his life, Bruce Levenson was very successful in business. He was able to start and run several successful businesses and made a lot of money. Many people would have simply retired and laid on the beach. However, Bruce Levenson knew that he wanted to continue to be a productive member of society. At the time, the Atlanta Hawks were one of the worst NBA franchises in the league. However, in just a few years Bruce Levenson was able to turn the franchise around to where it is today. This is a great example of someone that never settles with the situation that life puts them in. No matter how successful you are in life, always remember that there are other opportunities out there to add value to others.

Help Others

One of the biggest traits that has defined the life of Bruce Levenson is the fact that he always continues to help others. There are many ways in which he gives back to the people of Atlanta. For example, he is involved with a number of different charities that help inner city children with their education. Another aspect that defines his giving is the fact that he is as passionate about his community as his work. There are plenty of places that people can help in the world today, and everyone would do well to follow the example set by Bruce Levenson and continue to pour in to the lives of others.

Plan For The Future

Finally, always plan for the future now matter how easy the present is. There is always something that can come up in life in the form of a challenge or an opportunity. At the end of the day, it is always good to plan for the future. The life of Bruce Levenson can be defined as always being ready for the next opportunity. Whether that was with a new business idea or buying another business, Bruce Levenson was always ready for things that came his way in life.