Animal Activism, New York and the World

Posted on by RPF2015

How many of us have the nerve and the compassion to stand up for those who do not have a voice? One brave soul, Keith Mann, takes this position from start to never-ending finish when it comes to holding his own in supporting animal rights.

British animal rights writer and campaigner, Keith Mann on twitter, has been seen head-on in a multitude of scenarios doing what he does best – helping to protect all animals’ rights. As an author and spokesperson for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Mann fights to attract like-minded supporters, including celebrities, with extreme, attention-getting action. From a 14 year imprisonment sentence for a conspiracy of burning down meat lorries to his escape from prison to illegally working in an animal sanctuary to focusing on gaining more animal rights leverage through British politics, Mann has done it all in the name of animals everywhere.

The dilemma in our animal world today is a large one. Turning minds over to a place of respecting and protecting animal welfare doesn’t happen quickly. Thankfully, there has been a global awakening within the past century; but there is so much more work to be done.

Animal activism begins at home. Teaching our children how to respect the life and design of all creatures will carry enormous weight for them, their children and grandchildren. Introducing ourselves on a daily basis to animals’ needs and worth is an effective way to get to know why animals are so precious and to be respected. Though controversial, even the understanding of how to properly and respectfully treat certain animals on the food chain has become a significant role in the world of animal activism.

There are hundreds of ways to get involved for and with the animals. Children can set up a summer-time lemonade stand where profits go to their favorite animal shelter. Create a walk-run 5K or have a bake sale where profits can be appreciated at local dairy farms or petting zoos. Getting children to take initiative at a young age sparks the fire of activism in the heart.

On a larger scale, well-established animal rights organizations need as many donations and volunteers as possible. Below is a small list of animal activism websites needing good people to stand up for those creatures that cannot stand up for themselves:

NYClass –
A New York based animal advocacy that fights for animal rights through legislative voting.

NYC Animal Rights –
A New York based animal advocacy supporting animal rescue, social interaction, networking and more.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) –
A great animal advocacy group with substantial animal activism information and start-up guides.

Please, give the animals your voice today.