Susan McGalla: The Woman and the Leader

Posted on by RPF2015

Any woman who wants to advance her career in the year 2015 will find plenty of advice to choose from on how to do so. However, many are finding that the information that is readily available is generic and not very useful. Executive Consulting is changing the way women view the workplace and their careers. With the help of the founding president, Susan P. McGalla, she consults clients on matters from branding to marketing and even talent management.

When McGalla speaks, women respond. This is why her latest address to the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh was such a success. She shared her story and told the women that she didn’t want to look at them as women, but as business professionals. A woman can do anything they set their mind to do, unlike the days when they were put down and made inferior by the male population. However, she doesn’t really want it to be a woman’s lib kind of meeting; rather she chooses to approach the subject from an empowerment standpoint.

McGalla believes that the evolution that allows women to be leaders in the workplace is very encouraging. When she was growing up, it was just her and two older brothers. She was tough, and her dad never let her take a backseat because she was a girl. She never grew up with the tainted view that women were any different than men. Her gender never mattered. It never helped or hindered her from anything in her life. She thanks her father for treating her like “one of the boys” and never allowing her to feel any different because of her gender.

McGalla is comfortable around both men and women and responds equality to authority from either gender. She believes that the confidence she has been instrumental to her overall success. She went to Mount Union College and graduated in 1994 with a BA. Her first job was for the clothing giant, American Eagle. She was instrumental in helping this company to obtain women in powerful positions. She was the only woman on the board in this male dominated company. By 2010, she was the president of the company and handling three billion dollars in revenues each year.

McGalla took control of her career when she became a consultant helping others in finance. She can provide a unique perspective for the inside world of retail. Some see her in a luxurious position in her life, but this has come through hard work, and perusing her passion.

She never carried a chip on her shoulder or felt entitled as a woman in the workforce. Rather, she felt that she was just as important as those who were already in the workforce; others just felt she had more to prove. She wants to use this winning attitude to help others with their careers. She wants to make sure that no one has prejudices toward either side; the goal is about getting ahead in business, no stepping on others on the way up.