Planned Stock Offering Shows The Progress Being Made At Puklse Evolution

Posted on by RPF2015

John Textor has moved through a number of industries and brought success to them all, incluiding an Academy Award victory for the Digital Domain studio he headed in the early part of the 21st century. Textor found success in the investing industry and Online retialing in the early part of his career before moving to Hollywood to lead the Digital Domain group. After creating one of the top visual effects companies in Hollywood at Digital Domain, John Textor moved to Pulse Evolution where he has looked to lead the company on its quest to recreate the legends of the American entertainment industry.

Pulse Evolution is a technology based company that has recently been developing a hologram based technology that is to be used to recreate the images of legendary performers of the past. Small samples have already been seen at the Coachella Music Festival and at the Billboard Music Awards as a way of wetting the appetites of investors and the public for planned live shows in the future.

John Textor and his colleagues at Pulse Evolution have recently published their finacial results for the second quarter of 2015 and filed the initial paperwork for their company to complete a stock offering on a national stock exchange. This would be the logical next step for Pulse Evolution as the published financial results show the company has been investing in the production of a live show that will feature the iconic figures being produced in holoram form.

Much like the completion of the first computer generated human figure by Diital Domain for the movie The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button under Textor’s leadership, Pulse Evolution could change the face of the live entertainment industry. Pulse has already raised $15 million from an initial small offering on a European stock exchange that looks set to be followed by a larger offering designed to complete the work of the company. Over at LinkedIn John Textor has already discussed creating a live show with major figures of the history of the entertainment industry and this now seems to be coming to fruition with Pulse Evolution.