Hiking Far and Near with Skout Organic Trailbars

Posted on by RPF2015

Finding that Rocky Mountain trail for just the right Rocky Mountain High, is going to take some energy and fitness. Fitness begins with reps of lunges for strength in the legs as well as looseness in the hamstrings which can pull on the lower back after long periods of walking. The reps for the core are also important. The core includes the abdominals and the erector spinea muscles that line the spine. The looseness and the tone of these muscles will allow for long hours of exertion on those cliffs, trails and valleys. Climbing and descending will take its toll on energy reserves. Being properly fit and hydrated as well as nourished with the best carbohydrates to keep the muscles charged with proper ions for muscle contractions is also very important. Skout Organic is the perfectly designed Trailbar to pack along for the journey.
Gluten Free, the Skout Organic Trailbar is the recipe for strength and endurance. It truly brings the best certified ingredients to the trip with no gluten and all USDA Organic ingredients. There are no GMO products. Vegetarians will also be delighted that it is completely free of meat and dairy products. With its natural protein free of soy and sugar, it has natural sweetness from fruits and fiber. The Kosher recipe is also fortified with vitamins that will offer sustenance that keeps a body healthy under stresses of climbing, walking and long hiking endeavors.
The texture of a Skout Organic Trailbar is very satisfying with its delicious flavors. There are the Blueberry Almond Trailbars with this natural powerhouse that supplies antioxidants to protect the brain from free radical destruction and promote neurological wellness. The chewy, rich mouthfuls of the Skout bars will give lasting satisfaction until the next meal. The almonds that are rich nutrients provide wonderful monounsaturated oligonucleotides that will enhance the brain, neurotransmitters and keep the heart muscle fit. Dates are part of the chewy sweetness along with oats that offer long slow burning complex carbohydrates to the trailbar. This fiber and nutrition together in a portable bar is just what a high mountain hiker would need to stock up with for a long venture in the altitudes where the air is clear and thin.

Other very, pleasing ingredients are the Organic Apples, Organic Blue Agave Nectar, Organic Sunflower Oil for savory effects with the tartness of Organic Lemon juice Concentrate and sea salt. These bars each weigh 1.8 ounces or 50 grams. There are no added sugars or fillers to these highly delectable but healthy pocket snacks.

A twelve pack can be ordered for less than $27.00. The Organic Trail bar completely inspired by hikers in the Pacific Northwest, have created just the right balance for the outdoor enthusiast or anyone that needs to eat on the run but does not wish to fall to the fast food, junk food traps set out in the world for hungry people on the move.