Bright Lights, Big City, That’s The Dream To Move To New York City!

Posted on by RPF2015

Someday owning a house is a basic dream that everybody has starting from childhood. Another common dream is to someday move to NYC real estate. To be living in the city, living a glamorous life with in the tall buildings and bright lights. New York has always been known for its cultural diverse city and to being the place you wanna go if you want to achieve a career in the creative arts. It’s also the place where your favorite gal, the Statue of Liberty lives. The big apple has never really needed to advertise its self in order to get new residences, it has always had a long-standing reputation that has always kept the housing market in a constant steady pace.

When beginning to look for a home in a new city, state, or country, finding the right real estate service is the first struggle. TOWN residential is what are the top luxury real estate service firms. Being found in 2010 the firm was created by CEO and cochairman Andrew Heiberger. The firm specializes in Luxury residential sales and the leasing of property developments. The wonderfully competent team are able to find the right home for anyone. Although they specialize in luxury homes, finding a place that doesn’t have a luxury price even if it doesn’t aesthetically look luxurious is a bit hard to come by in New York.

New York is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, but according to the real this isn’t stopping Chinese investments. Unlike most states in the USA during bad times the real estate market will drop, but not New York people would like to live there during the good and the bad times. The real estate market is always constant, how could it not when the saying goes “ New York, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.”

To even quote Frederick Eklund of Douglas Elliman broker and the star of “million Dollar listing New York” he uses a tactic to plant the idea in the clients head of “you haven’t truly made it in life into you own an apartment in New York City.” New York has always been associated with glamour and success, which is probably why Chinese buyers are so enthralled with the idea of having a little place to call home within the Big Apple. But most were extremely price point sensitive and were determined to spend $800,000 and $2 million for an apartment. Still seems a bit exuberant to us, but hey I guess everybody has their spending limit.

Professionals or have always flock to New York for their dream home, dreaming of the luxurious penthouse in the sky and sipping on champagne looking down on the city. The value of property in New York City will always be valuable, it is the city that never sleeps and the property market but never rests. After all, who really wouldn’t really want New York as their new home?