Investment Banking via Citadel LLC with Kenneth Griffin

Posted on by RPF2015

Companies, individuals, government agencies and firms often look for new vehicles for investing their money to enhance economic growth and development. Investment institutions have been developing on a daily basis in the business industry to satisfy this need for growth. These institutions are therefore obligated to come up with fresh policies and strategies through which they can invest their clients’ money to get positive returns in a mutual-benefit basis. Such companies as banks are also tasked with providing capital to starting up companies to develop, though sometimes at an interest, under a written agreement. Others are dedicated to providing credible financial advice and safe ways of investing individual, corporate and public funds. Such ways of financial investment include hedge funds, trust funds, mutual funds and leveraged bonds just to mention a few. Investment banks help firms raise their revenue just as the commercial banks with the only point of difference being the deposit. Investment banks don’t take deposits. Today, they have to be SEC registered and licensed as a regulatory measure by the government.

Citadel LLC is an example of an investment bank that focuses mainly on alternative funds management and providing market to their investors through Citadel Securities. Currently, Citadel has $26 billion in portfolio under their management that they do with great success. They have successfully been in the business for over two decades making them veterans in the sector, with immense expertise. Citadel has widened its foothold to venture into institutional investment like pensions, university endowments and sovereign wealth funds all over the world. It is currently operating a world-class investment market backed by securities and robust risk management plan. It invests in hedge funds collecting assets from influential corporations and individuals in one major portfolio from where it is invested through varied instruments. This strategy is viable and often produces hefty returns through an adjusted risk policy regardless of whether the market is rising or falling.

Ken Griffin through Citadel has become one of the most prominent people in the financial world. He obtained his education from Harvard University and graduated with a degree in economics. He began his investment career back in Harvard as a student from where he established a hedge fund capitalized at $265000 from family and friends. He operated the hedge fund from his dorm room that received real-time satellite feeds from the financial market. This was a major breakthrough for Kenneth at a young age that gave him the experience to handle even a larger firm, Citadel. Ken on citadel has been featured as one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in magazines like Forbes following his hard work and relentlessness. Through citadel and personal contribution, Kenneth has engaged in humanitarian acts like providing aid to the Art Institute of Chicago, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Harvard University and Museum of Contemporary Art among many others.

By and large Citadel group has pioneered in the financial investment market through multi-strategy investments and state of the art technology. Their strong team building spirit in the workplace is also to thank for their success.