Remarkable Achievements of Frans Schoeman

Posted on by RPF2015

Frans Schoeman is a well known and experienced attorney based in South Africa. Schoeman has put outstanding efforts to enhance growth of his career since the time he started concentrating law. He studied a degree course in law at University of Free State between 1987 and 1990 and emerged as one of the hardworking and ambitious students graduating from the university during that year. During that period, he was also one of the Student Legal Society active members. After graduating in 1990, he joined LSSA where he has contributed immensely on matter related to law until today. During the same year, he invited other lawyers and formed a law firm called Joubert Schoeman Attorneys where he has been the senior partner up to present. The law firm has immensely supported Schoeman’s career growth on scribd since it is very popular even beyond South African boundaries.

Schoeman has been practicing law throughout since attaining graduate certificate in 1990. From 1999 to 2001, he worked for Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc where he practiced law in various fields. Overall, he mainly concentrated on issues related to science and technology, politics, human rights, environment, education, children and arts and culture. Throughout his career, has attained a wide range of skills related to the law practice in fields such as international law, corporate governance, dispute resolution, courts, arbitration, civil litigation, legal assistance, corporate law, litigation, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, commercial litigation, legal writing, legal research and legal advice.

Schoeman’s knowledge and skills have enabled him to have a very successful career over the last one and half decades, especially on matters related to environmental law. Since 2001, he has been working with TG Minster Group as a practicing attorney and a legal director under the umbrella of his firm. In 2003, he joined Law Society of RSA and he has been practicing law in high courts since then. In 2005, Schoeman started working with Phatsima Diamand Corporation, a firm that is involved in mining activities in Angola. He has been working as the MD in that organization since then. He also joined Phatsima Diamond in 2006 where he has been working as director and MD. His main role in that organization has been to oversee how mining activities are carried out by the organization in Angola.

Over the practicing period prior to 2010, Schoeman attained adequate experience and skills in that enhanced his stamina in business and commercial law. As such, organizations have trusted his advice on matters related to commercial and business law. From 2010, for instance, he has been working with TG Mintster Consulting as a legal director. His main roles in that organization include giving general legal advice, dealing with contract procurement issues, drafting and negotiating contracts, dealing with legal matters related to mergers and acquisitions and ensuring that due diligence is practiced in all facets of the organization. Overall, Schoeman has adequate knowledge and experience in law to the extent that he can undertake any law suit irrespective of the fact that he has recently concentrated more in matters related to environmental and business law.