Sugar Shortage Halts Production

Posted on by RPF2015

It appears as though the inflation and is having a staggering effect on the Venezuela economy. With local beer production shut down earlier last month due to ingredient shortages, it was only a matter of time before the American based company Coke-Cola would be forced to shut down production of it’s Venezuelan production plant. Coke-Cola company has reassured that the production of sugar free drinks will go on as scheduled and not be hindered. There is no time frame expected says economic expert David Osio, to when production may resume with the uncertainty and turmoil that the country is facing right now is bogging down the economic flow for production of goods and services. As stated by Sky News the President Mr. Maduro has been under fire from the citizens and has issued an emerganency allowing extra powers to be extended to the police and military. There appears to be no end in sight on when the looting and scarcity of food will be corrected. More info posted on