I Can Call My Sister Using Securus

Posted on by RPF2015

I can call my sister in jail with Securus, and I pay for the service every time because it is perfect for us. I want to be able to see her face to know that she is alright, and seeing her face makes a big difference for me. I am very happy to have the app on my phone, and I can make calls from anywhere using it. I could not be more happy with this app because it is a two way video that anyone can use to talk to someone around the country. See their wikipedia page for more info
According to BBB.org, there are a lot of jails that are partnered with the Securus people, and they all allow these calls. That means I can carve out time for visitation, and then I can talk to my sister easily. This is the easiest thing for me to do because I live so far away, and I still need to be able to see her because I miss her. My parents can go up to the jail to see her, but me and my cousin meed to use the Securus app to talk to her. We are happy to have the app, and it is a very easy thing to use.

We are so happy to talk to her when we get to see her, and we are all planning what we will do when she gets out of jail. This is something that is going to help her change her life, and we know that we are helping her get through every day a lot more easily. We know that it is tough, and that is why we use the Securus app as much as possible to make sure that we are talking to her. We can see her face, and we can let her know that we love her.