Marie Claire Interviews Fabletics About New Additions

Posted on by RPF2015

Marie Claire magazine recently sat down with the lovely Kate Hudson, who is the co-creator and model for Fabletics. She discussed what Fabletics had in store for their loyal customers this summer and it sure is exciting. Fabletics is a brand of athleisure clothing that is popular among many women worldwide. Athleisure is simply athletic leisure clothing that has a lot of versatility and has become a lifestyle for thousands. Due to its great comfort and style, it’s easy to wear athleisure outside the home or incorporate it into everyday fashion statements. Read the full interview at

MySubscriptionAddiction.comhas decided to introduce some dresses and swimsuits into the mix. It’s a whole new take on athleisure, and will be an exciting find for those who are addicted to athleisure. The dresses are sleek and form fitting while adding support without the use of a product like Spanx. The versatility of the dresses are endless- you can honestly wear them to any kind of event and pull it off! Kate is excited to talk about the bathing suits of Fabletics as well. They have bold and fun styles and colors and the right support where needed. These are sure to be your best finds of the summer!

Their Twitter stream makes it clear that Fabletics is one of the most easily accessible brands online. You can join the website and subscribe to receive new athleisure clothing sent to your door each month at a fixed rate. They will hand select clothing for you based on your size and style preference and you can gradually grow the perfect athleisure wardrobe at Their prices are much less in comparison to athleisure competitors and their styles are unique and current. If you are an athleisure addict, Fabletics is a must! You will love receiving fun, trendy surprises each month that you can incorporate into your lifestyle!