Talk Fusion Always A Step Ahead With The Launch Of WebRTC Recorder

Posted on by RPF2015

Talk Fusion is now officially in more than 140 countries globally with their largest markets being Malaysia. They have come a long way since their inception in 2007. Over the last 9 years they have seen a few iterations of existing products as well as some new additions to the product lineup. The first official product that Talk Fusion launched was the Video Email application. This unique application at the time allowed the user to easily incorporate several second video clips into their email through a simple on menu navigation. No coding or other skills were necessary to perform the task. For this very reason it became the application to use. Bob Reina believes the user friendliness and the richness of the application make it so popular.

Many months prior to the release were spent on the development of the application before Bob Reina and his main developer felt it should be released on to the market. The same goes for their newest addition to the lineup. This new addition is not an entirely new product but rather an improvement of an existing one. An improvement that can be incorporated into all the applications making it easier for users to record the one thing that sets this application apart from the rest, Video!.

WebRTC is that improvement. It allows for the applications to be used within the internet browser without the use of space occupying plugins or updates. It also gives the chance for the application to be less demanding on the system. Web browsers can be launched on any device from laptop to smartphone. Simply open the application and the user is ready to start taking full advantage of the WebRTC technology. Seamless integration and crystal clear video quality was the number one goal for the team of developers at Talk Fusion.

The amount of time refining the application can be felt the moment you use it as there are no unnecessary navigations or processes. Simply open the application and begin communicating, recording and more.