Acclaimed Chef Patrick Ponsaty And Entrepreneur Brian Bonar Team Up In San Diego

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Acclaimed French chef Patrick Ponsaty has brought his prodigious talent and fantastic food to San Diego. In his inspired new restaurant called The Ranch at Brandy Canyon, the award winning chef is finally free to create the incredible dishes and atmosphere with which he has long wanted to bless the dining public. His gastronomic masterpieces are the new frontier of fine dining in Escondido.

The Toulouse native who also does the catering for Bellamy’s, a restaurant located in downtown Escondido, is on a mission to transform his new space into a destination for diners who truly appreciate fine vintage Armagnac, amazing dishes, and entertainment. Learn more about Brian Bonar:–inc./salary/470203

Potasy, a culinary master who is only one 10 chefs in California to have been bestowed the prestigious title of Meilleurs de France, has teamed up with businessman Brian Bonar, Brandy Canyon’s owner, to turn the charming adobe structure built in the 1880s into an unsurpassed destination for fresh, lyrical, farm-driven cooking.

It’s the perfect platform for Patrick Potasy’s talent to shine and earn him the fame he so richly deserves. Eventually The Ranch at Brandy Canyon will become an entertainment venue, but long before that the succulent dishes of this soft-spoken genius will turn it into a temple to the best in French dining San Diego has to offer.

Joining forces with entrepreneur Brian Bonar is a masterstroke by chef Patrick Ponsaty.

Bonar is an executive that has won numerous awards for his financial savvy and business acumen over the past 30 years. A Scotsman with an MBA and a Ph.D in finance from Staffordshire University, Bonar is a legend in the financial services industry.

He has been involved in a vast array of very successful businesses in a wide range of industries. They include Dalrada Financial Corporation, Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc., Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc., Trucept, Inc., and The Amanda Co., Inc.

Brian Bonar is known for his expertise with human resources, financial management, employment benefit packages, as well as providing advice on business taxes, international business issues, and government regulations. He is praised for his unique understanding of the elements small, medium, and large companies need to succeed.

His wide range of effective services has allowed his clients to focus on the profits and growth of their companies.

Bonar is internationally known for his ability to help guide clients to quickly identify and correct the issues they face and attain their goals.

The Cambridge has honored Brian Bonar with their Whos Who award for financial executives for professional accomplishments, academic achievement, and leadership abilities.

Aside from his work with Bellamy’s Kitchen and The Ranch at Bandy Canyon Bonar help San Diego residents through his involvement in an array of community programs.