Dick DeVos Funds Education

Posted on by RPF2015

Dick DeVos is many things including a successful businessman, a family man, as well as an avid donator to many organizations that provide charitable contributions to worthy causes all within the United States. With over 30 years of marriage to Betsy DeVos, both individuals have had successful careers and have continued to grow the DeVos family legacy. With the choice to pursue business, Dick DeVos never once thought of any other career to pursue other than working to help build the company that his father worked so hard to build and to preserve on and into the future of businesses. Thanks to Dick DeVos and his wife, Amway Corporation will continue to prosper.

Dick DeVos’ own success is shown when he was added to Forbes magazine as being the 67th richest man in the United States. This recognition is proof that Dick DeVos has his own strong work ethic and strong dedication to Amway Corporation that he has climbed up the ladder to be awarded with this recognition. As a result of his wealth and his generosity towards the community of Grand Rapids that he grew up in, Dick and Betsy DeVos founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in order to give back to their beloved community.

The goal of this foundation is to give back to the community by providing funds to many worthy organizations that have a hand in improving not only the community, but specifically justice, education, the arts, as well as religious initiatives. As Richard DeVos has given over $1 billion to worthy charity organizations, Dick DeVos feels as it is his duty to also give back to organizations that he has a passion for. One of the receivers of Mr. DeVos’ largest donations is the education initiative. Dick DeVos has not only built schools, but has also created scholarships as a way to encourage hard work in school and to ensure a higher level of education to those who work hard yet cannot afford university.

An example of these many donations and his passion can be seen from the result of 2010 when he opened the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the first charter school aviation academy in the United States. This academy gives those who are interested in becoming pilots, a quality education as well as guaranteed admission to schools that have partnered up with Dick DeVos’ new and high quality aviation academy.