How John Goullet has Made a Name for Himself in IT Recruitment

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Diversant is a fully certified recruitment firm, which serves IT companies across the United States. It is the biggest African-American owned firm serving the information technology industry. Diversant has thrived by providing various scalable IT diversity and staffing solutions, which include staff extension, innovative diversity solutions, and direct hiring. Products and solutions provided by Diversant are based on exceptional methodologies that are aimed at meeting the specific needs of clients.

Diversants Guiding Principles and Values

The company operates under a clearly-defined set of regulations, which have been upheld for years. These guiding principles have gone a long way in helping it provide services that meet the highest industry standards. A strong commitment to the provision of exceptional services and products, has made it possible for the firm to fully meet the needs of its clients, partners, and consultants. Its underlying strength has been diversity.

Diversant LLC uses a team-driven approach to achieve the most effective results. Its business operations are conducted with utmost integrity, and in accordance to a set of values that are upheld. Besides observing ethical business principles, teamwork, respect, and professional behavior is encouraged. This has gone a long way in creating a vibrant workplace environment. Creative thinking, innovation, and effective problem solving are equally encouraged.

Principal Executive John Goullet

Goullet is one of the most decisive corporate executives in the IT recruitment industry. He had a long and successful career in the private sector before venturing into entrepreneurship. Goullet understands the needs of IT companies, having worked in the industry for many years. Before founding Info Technologies in 1994, he was a computer consultant. He worked at several firms including Computer Sciences Corp, Piscataway, 3D Information Sciences, Cap Gemini America, and TSR Consultants.

John is credited with turning Info Technologies into a prolific IT business. While serving as CEO, the company was constantly named among the fastest growing American-owned businesses. The firm was acquired by Diversant in a deal that led to the formation of Diversant LLC. The Ursinus College alumni serves as Diversants principal executive. He oversees its day to day operations including the formulation of cutting-edge staff recruitment strategies.

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