Eric Pulier: A Brilliant Businessman and Philanthropist

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Usually the words business tycoon and philanthropist rarely come up in the same sentence. It’s either one or the other, but there is one guy who is the epitome of a philanthropist/tycoon. Eric Pulier is this guy. What he’s done, is currently doing, and will be doing in the future is far greater than words on a piece of paper. Pulier is very accomplished and after graduation high school in 1984, he obtained his (BA) from Harvard University. Also receiving the prestigious “Magna Cum Laude” of 1988.

Eric Pulier seems to have his hand in everything, but with good intensions. His high interest in charitable organizations and savvy business investments has made him out to be as a world renowned figure. In-a-sense, Pulier is similar to Visa, “he’s accepted everywhere” no matter the field, industry, or sector. He’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his business ventures and he’s the founder of more than 15 companies to date. Pulier epitomizes the name “Jack of All Trades” and is known as being:

  • Investing
  • Education
  • Publications
  • Philanthropy
  • Government

One of his most prized accomplishments is that of being a father to four loving children. His personal investment in his children’s lives are that of a board member of the “Painted Turtle” and the host of a summer camp for disabled, chronically ill children.

Mr. Pulier has his hand in many things and was selected to build and run “Bridge To The 21st Century”, which was a multi-day inauguration event for Bill Clinton & Al Gore. The captivating event was highly publisized on just about every major news station. Pulier’s philanthropic ideas was involved in raising all of the funds whether it being from personal or corporate funds. Check out his resume’:

  • Founder (Enterprise Leadership Council
  • Board Member (Xprize)
  • Co-Founder ServiceMesh Inc
  • Director/Co-Founder Media Platform Inc
  • Founder (Digital Evolution)
  • Chairman (US Interactive Inc)

This only scratches the surface of what this individual has done and what he’s capable of doing. Eric Pulier is a authentic American Hero.

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