Brought up to Care: Eric Lefkofsky’s Big-Hearted Side Shines

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Eric Lefkofsky is worth 1.7 billion dollars. That is the reason why most people know him, but he is much more than that. To his three children, he is a father who tries to parent them as best he can. To his wife, he is a loving man who provides everything that he is capable of. As you can see, there are many aspects of Lefkofsky that are still a mystery to some.

His Younger Self

No one will say that this young entrepreneur does not have an eye for success. This is the guy who graduated from high school with honors. This made everyone in his household very happy. This made sense because his entire family valued education above other things. His father is an engineer, and his mother taught grade school, which was a career that his sister was drawn to. His brother wanted to help people, but through the law, which is why he became a lawyer in Michigan.

It was clear that young Eric Lefkofsky was a smart young man, and he continued his education at the University of Michigan where he received his Doctorate of Jurisprudence. It looked like Lefkofsky was trying to make his own path. It did not seem like his goal was to help people in the same way his family did.

Taking a Different Path to the Same Place

The business that Lefkofsky is known for is Groupon. Most people know this company as a coupon-sharing site. It did help people by saving them a little cash here and there. There is no doubt that it was a good idea, but it did not seem to mimic the same spirit that runs through his family. This was a bit of a ruse.

The young entrepreneur used his skills and revenue to start another company called Tempus. This company developed smart technology that allows doctors to provide personalized care to cancer patients. Tempus let his family’s values shine through. It was clear that Tempus is the type of company made to help people in need.

That was not the only thing that Lefkofsky is associated with. The man is quite active as a member of the board of directors at the Children’s Memorial Hospital. He also started a foundation named after him and his wife. Both thought that the world needed to focus on furthering the education of children and interest in scientific advancement. Both he and his wife understand that the future depends on the children. Many people might look at Lefkofsky and think that he is very different from his family, but one look at his after-Groupon endeavors makes it clear that he was just waiting for the right moment.

Lefkofsky also began the groundwork for another business endeavor known as Uptake. This company is meant to facilitate the inner-workings of companies and improve safety. Many are estimating that this company is going to easily surpass $1.1 billion due to its efficiency and demand. Uptake is another example of how he cannot get away from helping people. This could be the people working for several companies but also the people who run the companies, too.

Lefkofsky is definitely a man worth knowing, but perhaps he is a man who would rather people remember his actions rather than words he might have uttered.

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