Julie Zuckerberg: Connecting Great Candidates And Wonderful Companies

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Julie Zuckerberg is a human resources expert that specializes in executive talent sourcing and acquisition. A graduate of Brooklyn College and NYU Law School, she has spent many years involved in asset management and GTO for wealthy, private and commercial clients. Currently with Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg has spent almost 15 years working with top companies like Citi Bank, New York Life Insurance Company as well as law firms, corporations and financial institutions. This gives her valuable experience and insight which she uses to benefit her clients.


The career path Zuckerberg has taken has enabled her to developed a wide range important skills. Many people either know her for her work with talent acquisition and management or executive staffing and corporate recruiting. But a major reason for her success is her mastery of behavioral interviewing, conflict resolution and employee sourcing, training and coaching. She also has the technical skills, training and experience necessary to be able to identify companies on the rise and potential synergy between parties. Her human resources management skills are second to none.


Zuckerberg’s career has seen her working in a wide array of industries. They have included banking, global and technical operations, asset management, hiring and contract governance, investor relations, auditing and finance. This has enabled her to work closely with a variety of industry leaders and give and receive valuable information. Her ability and professionalism have impressed a wide range of decision makers. Her agency engagement, networking and direct sourcing methods have taken her to the top of her field. She has built and nurtured high-quality, diverse, governance and business relationships.


Skilled, executive-level professionals seeking employment connect with Julie Zuckerberg. She provides them with accurate information regarding working conditions, expectations, opportunities for promotion, salary and benefits packages. She also uses her connection to her clients and employees to amicably resolve issues in the workplace using her coaching, counseling and conflict resolution skills.


Her willingness to share of her time and her ability to provide creative solutions to any problem has made Julie Zuckerberg a valuable commodity. She has consistently done stellar work in competitive global markets. Zuckerberg also helps clients navigate often complex international compliance, workplace and legal issues. Still, she makes time to volunteer and support a variety of causes. Some of the issues closest to Julie Zuckerberg’s heart are economic empowerment, social action, civil right, arts and culture, science and technology and animal welfare.


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