Securus Customers Are Excited To Help Solve Crime

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Securus has created a simple system that helps law enforcement solve crimes, and the voice recognition software will pick out voices that may be involved in crimes. This article explains how customers are pleased with the way Securus ensures the safety of all Americans. They help families connect, and they ensure their customers have the security of advanced technology.


#1: How Does The Company Ensure Law Enforcement Is Served Well?


The company is using its new voice recognition software to help law enforcement find those who are using the system for ill-gotten gains. The company is sending off any information they find that may be related to criminal activity, and they believe they will find many things that help the authorities without infringing on families.


#2: How Do Families Connect?


Families that are calling through the Securus video system must ensure they have a clear picture of the loved ones they are speaking to. Everyone who wishes to place a call with Securus must ensure they have the app installed on their mobile devices, and they will learn how to use the system quickly once they open their account.


#3: The Call Quality Is High


Calls on the Securus network are quite clear, and they allow customers time to speak without any interruption. Anyone who wishes to call with Securus will have a lovely experience, and I have had the privilege of doing so. I use Securus to call family, and I use the same system with my advocacy group. We are calling the jails every day, and I believe we are doing fine work.


Securus has helped our business and our family reach out to those in need. We call our family to ensure they are well, and I check on advocacy clients who need our assistance in court.

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