Author Doug Levitt promotes awareness by sharing struggling Americans experiences

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Greyhound Diaries opened a new opportunity for Doug Levitt to take music to a new level. The Greyhound Diaries is a project that is more than ten years old. Doug Levitt is a traveling author. The Greyhound Diaries project has allowed him to collect stories and images of other travelers, then putting all these into song. Greyhound Diaries utilizes the music skills of Doug Levitt to share the daily experiences of other struggling travelers.


Doug and other participants have been traveling through hundreds of miles using a Greyhound bus. Doug writes and sings about the experiences of these travelers, especially those that find it almost impossible to make ends meet.


CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Billboard, Fox News and MSNBC have featured Levitt severally. One of the records, courtesy of Greyhound Diaries is a single man show. It has writings, photographs, and a web series. Before he started the long journey and his current work, Levitt served as a foreign correspondent. He delivered his duties and services from London. His media dispatches were from Bosnia, Rwanda, Iran and many other countries. He worked for CNN, MSBMC, and ABC among other media houses.


Recently, Doug Levitts work appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Sunday Times of London, and Huffington Post. Doug Levitt graduated from Washington DC public schools. He also attended the Cornell University then received a scholarship that saw him through Masters at the London School of Economics. This has been a success story that has opened the eyes of many people concerning the possible challenges that travelers might face. It could also help in human rights activism where travelers can obtain equal rights as the residents.


Individual journeys of poverty have shaped the entertainment industry in the US for quite some time. The industry has been in search of musicians, artists, and writers who can bring news about the struggling communities. Greyhound Diaries has been an excellent illustration. Doug Levitt has been following the tradition of exploring US poverty when it comes to music. He has done all these things in an amazing way and without showing signs of slowing down.

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