Lime Crime Adds A Bit Of Scandal

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Doe Deere believes that every girl needs just a bit of intrigue and Scandal in her life to make things exciting. The makeup guru and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, recently released Scandal, which is a part of the Velvetines lipstick line. Lime Crime fans are truly excited about this fabulous new addition to the makeup line. The new addition features the long lasting, luxurious formula in a liquid to matte finish. The color is a very sexy rich purple violet. This is a very hot and trendy color that is worn by numerous celebrities and models on the runways coast to coast.


Are You Ready For Scandal

Lime Crime is known for creating a fabulous line of bold, exciting, and vivacious colors that really capture the imagination. Are you ready for Scandal? It is a rich, deep purple hue that will make your lips pop with sexiness. Wear this color to make a statement or to simply match your favorite outfit. Doe Deere states that this color is perfect for the girl that has a very edgy style. She suggests pairing this new vibrant color with bold black eyeliner for some interesting looks and a bit of controversy.


Wearing Scandal

Of course, it is important to wear the new Velvetines color correctly to get the full effect of this fabulous new color. First, make sure the lips are prepared to receive the new color. Exfoliate the lips with a toothbrush to remove the dead skin. Next, prepare the lips with your favorite lip balm, a few minutes before lipstick application. Take a tissue and carefully remove an excess lip balm. Now, take the Scandal and apply evenly to the lips. However, you could choose to use a lip brush for more definition. The color is long lasting and dries to a gorgeous finish. Remove the lipstick with oil or any makeup remover.


Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime and the creator of the fabulous Velvetines lipsticks that are taking the cosmetic world by storm. Today, the company has well over 2.6 million followers on popular social media sites. Get a feel for Lime Crime yourself wherever Velvetines are sold.

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