Josh Verne Offers Beneficial and Practical Business Advice

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Josh Verne has been in business for over two decades, and over time, he’s learned effective tactics for building a solid team that can accomplish great things. One of his essential pieces of advice is that it’s better to be a leader than a boss.


A leader knows how to earn the respect of his team because he puts the needs of the team first. A boss, on the other hand, demands respect from people and only does things that will serve his/her best interest.


Verne also shares that every business situation should be a win-win. He advises never entering into professional situations that are not best for you, your team and your clients. Verne also asserts that even if the situation doesn’t look favorable right away, good business leaders will look for a way to make a deal advantageous for everyone involved.


Additional professional advice from Verne includes listening more and talking less. He reminds businesspeople that there is a reason humans have two ears but only one mouth, and that it’s best to listen intently to the needs of clients and team members before responding to a problem or issue.


Josh Verne has not only run several successful business, but he has also started companies, helped them to grow and successfully sold businesses. Currently, he is the CEO of, and previously served as co-president for Home Line Furniture.

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