Chris Burch Has An Eye For The Future

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A Bold Vision For The Future

Chris Burch is back to predicting the future again. The fashion mogul has decided he wants to bet his billions on a future where technology and fashion merge to give customers wearable tech designed around the latest fashion style. He believes we can already see examples of this in our past and current day but they trend is going to get much greater momentum in coming years. In preparation of that he suggest investors and fashion types get familiar with the ins and outs of technology in order to stay on top and get the most of it. Judging by his success this is a good idea.



The History Of Fashion And Tech

Fashion and tech have merged in the past before. A great example of this is the boombox of the 70s. During the 70s kids who wanted to show how fashionable they are and brag to their friends bought a boombox and walked around with it. They were certainly clunky, but they had a certain appeal to them. later on that resulted in things like the Walkman before finally creating the mobile devices that we see today. People have a need for technology and a want for fashion. The two go together perfectly.



The Future Is Now

The tech industry and the fashion industry are going to merge. People want to wear the latest technology and they want to see that technology as fashionable. This is where the fashion industry is able to step in and try to make a difference in how things are going to go. When people want to have the latest watch that watch is going to have special features to give them the latest and greatest. Today’s young people no longer think of technology as something remote or distant. Whenever a new Iphone comes out or something else trendy hits the stores they simply shrug and think of it as another toy.



About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is one of the most prominent investors in the finance industry. His advice and his beliefs regarding the fashion industry are regarded as sage advice in general. Outside of the fashion industry he has also invested in a number of other projects inthe finance industry and in the film industry. These investments have allowed him to build an empire out of his wealth.


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