Paul Mampilly Provides A Non Traditional Way Of Investing

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The former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly is looking to take the success he has achieved as a hedge fund manager with some of the largest investment companies on Wall Street and educate U.S, investors on how to achieve success. Paul Mampilly is using a new way of achieving investment success by allowing those who subscribe to his Profits Unlimited newsletter that allows everyday Americans the chance to share in the success of one of the most successful investment specialists Wall Street has ever seen in terms of achieving financial success.

Paul Mampilly has been working in the financial sector for over 30 years and spent 20 years achieving success as a Wall Street hedge fund manager; in 2008 as the global financial crisis caused problems for investment companies across the planet, Paul Mampilly achieved success by winning the 2008 Templeton Foundation investment competition. Mampilly achieved success during the Templeton Foundation competition by turning a $50 million investment into an $86 million fund that achieved a profit of over 70% during the worst times of the financial crisis.

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There is a large amount to admire in the success achieved by Paul Mampilly, which has taken the investment specialist to some of the leading financial companies in the world, including Deutsche Bank and ING. His success has also led to Mampilly becoming a leading financial expert of choice for members of European royal family’s and a number of Swiss private banks.

Like many of his fellow forward thinking financial experts the work of Paul Mampilly has seen him bring his experience and knowledge to people across the planet through his partnership with the Banyan Hill publishing house. As a hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly, has worked on funds with values reaching $23 billion and $6 billion.

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