E-governe Is Helping Brazilian Cities Make An Administrative Comeback

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A recent review of Sao Paulo, Rio, and Salvadors economic situation was an eye-opener for the city officials in those high-profile metropolitan areas. For the last five years, those cities, and other cities in the largest economy in Latin America had an epic fail in economic performance. Brazil is in a deep recession. The Gross Domestic Product Growth in Brazilian cities is a negative number. In fact, in some cities, the negative growth number is as much as 16 percent.



The Michel Temer administration is taking fiscal and economic steps to reverse the negative GDP growth. The forecast for the country is 9.8 percent average growth over the next five years. That sounds like a difficult task considering world economic growth rates. But city governments are changing their administrative structures in order to improve their economic growth. Sao Paulo is the 12th largest city in the world, and the city is considered the 10th wealthiest city on the planet. Sao Paulo city officials are in the process of dealing with past failures in education and administration issues, and they have asked for help from E-governe, the three-company technology firm. E-governe specializes in algorithms, data security, and modern technology systems that improve administrative and education platforms.



The three companies that make up E-governe are: Minauro Informatica, Sisterplan, and Consult. Minauro is a software company in Curitiba. Sisterplan is an information technology company and Consult is a tech company with 30 years experience in the industry.



Sao Paulo has set up the E-governe Educacao School Management System in 138 city schools, and the plan is to expand the system to all schools in the city. More than 80 percent of the students in Sao Paulo attend public school, and city officials want those students to get a better education so they attend college. The future economic growth of the city depends on those students and other students in Brazil.



Brazil needs help. Education is a problem area for every city in the country, and E-governe has the expertise and the platform to give cities help with education and literacy issues. E-governe likes to use a Rubiks Cube to explain how the company does what it does. The power behind the company is the relationship between the three founding companies. E-governe expects the Educacao School Management System to be part of the education platform in every city in Brazil.



Future economic growth in Brazil depends on new tech startup like E-governe. Brazil has an active startup industry, and E-governe is a good example of how important that industry is to the education and administration goals. President Temer is building and reestablishing new trade relationships. Those relationships will help the economy of the country if Brazils moves forward and embraces modern technology and political stability. E-governe is one of the companies that will help Brazil get its economic and administrative systems in order. That wont happen overnight, but if Brazils leaders stay the course things will change sooner than later.

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