Lime Crime Adds A Bit Of Scandal

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Doe Deere believes that every girl needs just a bit of intrigue and Scandal in her life to make things exciting. The makeup guru and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, recently released Scandal, which is a part of the Velvetines lipstick line. Lime Crime fans are truly excited about this fabulous new addition to the makeup line. The new addition features the long lasting, luxurious formula in a liquid to…

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Dick DeVos Funds Education

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Dick DeVos is many things including a successful businessman, a family man, as well as an avid donator to many organizations that provide charitable contributions to worthy causes all within the United States. With over 30 years of marriage to Betsy DeVos, both individuals have had successful careers and have continued to grow the DeVos family legacy. With the choice to pursue business, Dick DeVos never once thought of any…

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Qnet and Sharp Corporation’s Marketing Plan for the Sharp-Qnet Air Purifier.

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Qnet Limited’s Indian Unit has collaborated with the Japan-based Sharp Corporation in the selling of the jointly owned Sharp-Qnet Plasma Group Air Purifier. Sharp is a multinational firm that manufactures quality electronics, and it is headquartered in Abeno-Ku, Osaka. The Consumer Business’ President of Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited, Kishalay Ray said that the partnership with Qnet is due to its success in the distribution of its health and…

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Status Labs Advice For Ashley Madison Leak Victims

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As the Ashley Madison drama unfolds, it’s estimated that 37 millions users have or will be receiving extortion e-mails. Ashley Madison, a website famous for offering married people the option to cheat on their spouses with partners they meet online, was hacked in August. Recently a gentleman named John received the dreaded e-mail alerting him that his information was leaked in the recent data hack on the Ashely Madison website. The author…

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Contributions of James Dondero on Highland Capital Management

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James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. James Dondero on highlandfunds has an over three decades of experience in the markets of credit and equity that are mainly focused on high profits and distressed investing. Highland Capital, ever since its inception in 1993, has pioneered the development of a market on Collateralized Loan Obligation and in development of solutions that are credit oriented for institutions and retail…

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Remarkable Achievements of Frans Schoeman

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Frans Schoeman is a well known and experienced attorney based in South Africa. Schoeman has put outstanding efforts to enhance growth of his career since the time he started concentrating law. He studied a degree course in law at University of Free State between 1987 and 1990 and emerged as one of the hardworking and ambitious students graduating from the university during that year. During that period, he was also one…

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Investment Banking via Citadel LLC with Kenneth Griffin

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Companies, individuals, government agencies and firms often look for new vehicles for investing their money to enhance economic growth and development. Investment institutions have been developing on a daily basis in the business industry to satisfy this need for growth. These institutions are therefore obligated to come up with fresh policies and strategies through which they can invest their clients’ money to get positive returns in a mutual-benefit basis. Such companies as…

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About Susan McGalla

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Susan McGalla is a business woman and an executive consultant who is best known for being the former president of the American Eagles Outfitters, Inc. McGalla is currently a member of the board of HFF, Inc, which deals with the provision of commercial real estate services. She is also a board member at the Magee-Women’s Hospital research institute foundation. Other jobs she has previously held include being CEO at Wet Seal,…

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Planned Stock Offering Shows The Progress Being Made At Puklse Evolution

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John Textor has moved through a number of industries and brought success to them all, incluiding an Academy Award victory for the Digital Domain studio he headed in the early part of the 21st century. Textor found success in the investing industry and Online retialing in the early part of his career before moving to Hollywood to lead the Digital Domain group. After creating one of the top visual effects companies…

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Susan McGalla: The Woman and the Leader

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Any woman who wants to advance her career in the year 2015 will find plenty of advice to choose from on how to do so. However, many are finding that the information that is readily available is generic and not very useful. Executive Consulting is changing the way women view the workplace and their careers. With the help of the founding president, Susan P. McGalla, she consults clients on matters from…

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