The Story of Wengie

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Wengie was born on January 9, 1986 and as a child, loved to suck on a spoonful of rice for hours without eating it. Her family worried that she wasn’t getting the food she needed but she turned out fine. She used to coax her grandpa to buy her an ice cream every Sunday since it was her favorite treat. Her parents moved to Australia form China when she was very young…

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Wengie-The Famous Australian YouTuber

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Meet Wendy the Adorable Style and Beauty Host of Wengie. She is a beauty expert. Wendy started Wengie four years ago. With her work experience in social media she began to create her own site with a lot of commitment. Using past experience as well as her drive and ambition her site became very successful.

Fast forward to today: Meet Wendy Haung she calls her YouTube Chanel Wengie. Wendy stars in all…

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