A New Career Path

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I met Bruce Levenson about seven years ago at an NBA tournament. My brother and I had bought special passes to meet the team after the game and we had at least an hour along with Bruce and the players to basically discuss anything under the sun. Of course the biggest topic being basketball. When you think about meeting people like Bruce, your first initial thought is that they are going…

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Soap Opera Star Crystal Hunt Breaks Onto The Big Screen

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Soap Opera lovers are probably very familiar with Crystal Hunt. However, they might know her by a completely different name. Ms Hunt was a soap opera fixture on Guiding Light where she played the role of Lizzie Spaulding from 2003 to 2006. Later on, the actress was featured on the soap opera One Life to Live playing the role of Stacy Morasco. However, Crystal Hunt’s career began a few years before…

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Aspire IS Elegance

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Get what you put in
Getting what you pay for seems hard to grasp sometimes. When it comes to renting apartments in big cities it can be difficult to get you what you paid for. Sometimes it’s never enough to sit back and seemingly blow money when you get scraps back for the reward. Sometimes paying a lot for apartments can be a bother when the apartments are seemingly old and worn…

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