Author Doug Levitt promotes awareness by sharing struggling Americans experiences

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Greyhound Diaries opened a new opportunity for Doug Levitt to take music to a new level. The Greyhound Diaries is a project that is more than ten years old. Doug Levitt is a traveling author. The Greyhound Diaries project has allowed him to collect stories and images of other travelers, then putting all these into song. Greyhound Diaries utilizes the music skills of Doug Levitt to share the daily experiences of…

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Bruno Fagali Is A Reputable Lawyer

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If you are dealing with a complex legal matter in Brazil, it is highly recommended to seek the services of a reputable and experienced lawyer. There are many good lawyers in Brazil but not all of these professionals have the expertise to render services in the area of law you need help in.

The legal field is among the most complicated professions. There are many variables that make the legal field complicated. One…

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Wengie’s Amazing Sleep Hacks

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Wengie, a beauty blogger on YouTube, has tons of great advice for various beauty hacks. One in particular is needed for many of us, and it’s concerning sleep. With our busy schedules, problems, stress, and other things, we tend to lack the required sleep that is required to keep us healthy and to maintain normal functions.


In Wengie’s video called “How to Fall Asleep Fast! 20 Life Hacks for Sleep…

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Comparative Law in the Modern World

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In the present age, globalization and internationalism have increased enormously. The globe is gradually turning into a global village, the flow of goods, services, and information has dramatically increased like never before. Countries with different constitutional jurisdictions are trading and signing agreements with each other. Globalization has triggered the need for countries to acquire knowledge of legal systems beyond their own. For this reason, law institutions accentuate the need for students to…

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Eric Pulier: The Link Between Technology, Business and Altruism

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Born in New Jersey, Eric Pulier isnt just a 1988 magnum cum laude Harvard graduate who majored in American Literature and English but also a decorated entrepreneur, technologist philanthropist, motivational speaker and a published author. After graduating from Harvard University, he started working as an editor for The Harvard Crimson, the institutions newspaper. Additionally, he wrote insightful articles for the paper on topics such as academics and terrorism. Regarding publications, Mr.…

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Securus Customers Are Excited To Help Solve Crime

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Securus has created a simple system that helps law enforcement solve crimes, and the voice recognition software will pick out voices that may be involved in crimes. This article explains how customers are pleased with the way Securus ensures the safety of all Americans. They help families connect, and they ensure their customers have the security of advanced technology.


#1: How Does The Company Ensure Law Enforcement Is Served Well?


The company…

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Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

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Josh Verne is a United States-based serial entrepreneur and businessman. For more than two decades, Josh Verne has had more than 20 years of professional experience in starting and running businesses. He is also the Founder and current CEO of According to him, vision is the art which lets you see things which other people cannot see while standing. Because of this vision, Josh Verne has developed ways in…

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College Basketball Betting Just got Easier

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Betting on college basketball is a very popular betting platform. The popularity has grown especially with the development of fast and reliable technology. Sports have heard several options when it comes to betting on sports. In the past, one had to write down information about their picks and wait for the awarding of cash days later. Today, betting is fast and can be performed online. It is better because players can choose…

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Texas Bank Appoints New President Of The TMBA

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In June, NexBank announced that Mary Pirrello, was appointed President of the TMBA, short for the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association, for the 2016-2017 term.

Pirrello has over 15 years of industry experience. She has taken on various leadership roles throughout her career. At NexBank, her main focus is on developing business and managing relationships for the bank’s national warehouse lending department.

About NexBank
NexBank is a financial institution that operates out of…

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Christanna Bevin | Career and Accomplishments

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Christanna Bevin is an experienced project services manager who has a comprehensive background in project management, process improvement, capacity building, and change management. Bevin also has experience in procurement, project control as well as administration and commercial management roles within the resource and construction sectors.

Bevin is results-oriented, flexible and energetic. She has outstanding oral and written communication skills with excellent stakeholder, engagement, and relationship management skills. Her peers highly respect…

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