Fabletics Makes a Lot of Headlines with New Summer Line

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So much talk is linked to the athleisure concept. This lounge wear that can be worn for both working out and chilling out is now the talk of the town. Coincidentally, the Fabletics brand is heavily engaged in the production of this type of clothing. That makes summer 2016 a very hot time of year for Fabletics.

The founders of Fabletics – with Kate Hudson at the front line – have…

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Qnet and Sharp Corporation’s Marketing Plan for the Sharp-Qnet Air Purifier.

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Qnet Limited’s Indian Unit has collaborated with the Japan-based Sharp Corporation in the selling of the jointly owned Sharp-Qnet Plasma Group Air Purifier. Sharp is a multinational firm that manufactures quality electronics, and it is headquartered in Abeno-Ku, Osaka. The Consumer Business’ President of Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited, Kishalay Ray said that the partnership with Qnet is due to its success in the distribution of its health and…

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Sugar Shortage Halts Production

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It appears as though the inflation and is having a staggering effect on the Venezuela economy. With local beer production shut down earlier last month due to ingredient shortages, it was only a matter of time before the American based company Coke-Cola would be forced to shut down production of it’s Venezuelan production plant. Coke-Cola company has reassured that the production of sugar free drinks will go on as scheduled and…

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Pitch Black in Venezuela’s Hospitals

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Due to the current economic crisis in Venezuela, citizens are having trouble meeting their basic needs in many areas. People who are injured and seeking medical assistance are facing extreme difficulty in some cases. In one hospital, there is a line queue that goes from the entrance door all the way to the elevator. When those who are seeking medical assistance reach the elevator, they must still wait in another line at…

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Need to fix negative search results? The Search Fixers to the Rescue!

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Businesses are supposed to be a consistent source of revenue. Times can and do get tough do to a variety of unavoidable factors. And then there are those more malicious incidents capable of harming revenue potential. Bad reviews published online or news reports about embarrassing incidents can do a lot to undermine a business’ profit potential. Any business owner who scoffs at the notion of online reputation management is making a mistake.…

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George Soros’ Latest Prediction Involves China

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The name George Soros is often linked with a $1 billion takeaway after betting that the United Kingdom’s pound would be devalued in 1992. Having graduated from the London School of Economics, Soros was poised to take the stage in the United States as a leading economist. Though Hungarian by birth, he has become a leading economist. Now, he turns his words of wisdom to China.

Soros drew parallels between the current…

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Wikipedia Making Efforts And Advances In Accessibility

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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, is the seventh most popular website in the world and hopes to remain free and accessible to all corners of the world. Although it is accessible in nearly 300 languages, many of the language versions of articles are incomplete. In an effort to make Wikipedia articles available to more users than the current 36 million articles for English or widely spoken languages, computer scientist at Stanford University and…

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The Pets’ Healthly Food

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Manufacturers of pet foods have taken dog nutrition to another level. Guided by the philosophy of feed like your master, pet food manufacturers work to come up with latest innovations to produce not only nutritious food, but also fresh. Pets deserve to be treated with good food that will give them desirable health and happiness just like their masters. Richard Thompson, chief executive of gourmet food manufacturer, for example, emphasizes the…

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Looking to Deal in Gold: The U.S Money Reserve is your Trusted Partner

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The U.S Money Reserve was a brain child of gold veterans who saw an opportunity in the gold trading industry. The veterans sought to design a business that guaranteed a combination of professionalism, quality guarantee as well as trusted advisers tasked with advising customers and the organization itself, in all matters related to gold dealings.

It is out of these guaranteed customer satisfaction that the U.S Money Reserve has risen to…

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