About Ricardo Guimarães and the History of Banco BMG

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A few years ago, Banco BMG and Itau Unibanco formed a joint venture that was supposed to specialize in payroll loans division only. At the same time, BMG embarked on a restructuring process that made it operate in a professional manner by hiring executives in the industry. The family of Pentagna Guimarães, which has been controlling the company, became part of shareholders and market experts were hired. The main objective of…

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Villanova Star Urbana Keeps His Twitter Feed Active

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No one ever really knows what Jon Urbana is going to tweet about. The former Villanova D-1 lacrosse player has a fondness for his lacrosse campers at NLLC, arts and music, and making eye opening videos (Vimeo) while he works on a new album of original music. Here’s the first track from that album.

He does cover subjects related to these interests on his Twitter page.…

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Online Reputation Management a Growing Trend

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In a world of technology, an online reputation is just as important as an in person reputation. Status Labs, a reputation management company, knows this better than anyone. The company, which started in 2012 by co-founder Darius Fisher, has grown a staggering 939 percent since its inception and 39 percent since 2014, according to a recent news article. Although growth is attributed to its growing team of experts as well…

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Slyce Has Created AI And Visual Search Shopping Technology

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The MIT Technology Review recently wrote about the brilliant AI and visual search technology created by Slyce. Slyce is a visual search firm that has gone beyond searching to shopping. Consumers around the world have wished a million times over to find the thing they saw on the street, but these people have not had such a resource in the past. This article explains how Slyce has used AI and visual…

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Nutritional Beneful Dog Food For Long Pet Life

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There is nothing more important than a dog’s health. Beneful brand, with its hearty taste, and healthy combinations, makes it a favorite of dog lovers. The food dogs and puppies eat directly affect their health, which is what makes food choices so important. Beneful offers dry and wet food in a variety of nutritional combinations, perfect for dogs, and puppies growing bodies.

One of the best things about the Beneful…

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Chicago Taxes Effect On Businesses

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Chicago has implemented a program that allows the city to reassess the taxes on an area every three years. This has allowed the city to determine whether the taxes in an area need to be increased or decreased. So far, there hasn’t been much decrease in the areas that the city has looked at, but there has been major increase in some of the most influential shopping areas of Chicago. Among these…

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Feed your dog Beneful Brand Dog Food

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Beneful on purinastore Brand Dog Food is one of the leading and most trusted producers of dog food in the industry. They feed millions of happy and healthy dogs each year. Dog owners trust in Beneful’s products to keep their dogs satisfied as well as in good health. Beneful Brand offers a range of options from wet dog food, dry dog food to several different kinds of treats. All products…

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Why US Money Reserve Is Leading Form Globally

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Over the years, many companies have invested in different types of economic development programs. This has led to increased economic development among many countries in the world. As a result, many companies and investment firms have emerged offering improved service delivery to the people. This has led to employment opportunities for people from every corner of the world. As such, governments have invested a lot in institutions geared towards improving the economic…

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James Dondero The Self Made Hero

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From Dream To Future When we are kids some of us want to be in the world of business to make money so we can say we are smart enough to buy big shiny things.For most of us this will always be a dream that will never come true but every now and then there are few that make the dream come true with the right amount of work an skill it…

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